Plan of Salvation

What must I do to be saved?

No more important question has ever been asked.

The Bible clearly teaches that there is nothing more important than the human soul, “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Matt 16:26 KJV).

The soul is so important because it will exist forever.

Have you ever stopped to think that a billion years from now, you will still be in existence? Your soul will be in one of two places: heaven or hell.

First, we must establish that there is a need to be saved.

The Scriptures teach that whenever anyone who is of an accountable age commits a sin he is lost.

So what is sin?

“Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.” 1 John 3:4 (KJV). Sin is a transgression of God’s law. When one transgresses God’s law, he is separated from God, “But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.” Isaiah 59:2 (KJV).

The wages of this sin is death

“For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:23 (KJV). When one enters this state, he is in need of asking the question; “What must I do to be saved?”

The Bible puts forth five different things that one must do in order to be saved:

  • Hear – the word of God.

“So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17.

  • Believe – that Jesus is the Son of God.

“I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins.” John 8:24.

  • Repent – of your sins.

“I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.” Luke 13:3.

  • Confess – your belief in Christ.

“For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” Romans 10:10.

  • Be Baptized – for the remission of sins.

It is at the point of baptism that sins are forgiven; “Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.” Acts 2:38.   

Notice also, “And now why tarriest thou? arise, and be baptized, and wash away thy sins, calling on the name of the Lord.” Acts 22:16.

It is also important to note that baptism is an immersion and not simply sprinkling or pouring.



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